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  • Sun of Creation and Rebirth
  • Symbol of Purity


During the night the flower closes and is submerged underwater. At dawn it resurfaces and opens again.


According to Egyptian  mythology, it was a giant lotus which initially rose out of the wet confusion at the beginning of time, growing up from the mud into an object of great beauty and a symbol of purity.



  • Oneness with Water
  • Harmony with Nature



In Polynesian culture MOANA means "ocean". This symbol is represented as a series of graceful waves.  


It represents the love of the ocean, oneness with water and harmony with the forces of nature.  


MOANA Silver Pendant

MANGOPARE   Hammerhead Shark


  • Strength, Tenacity and Determination

  • Everlasting Friendship



Hammerhead sharks represent tenacity, strength and determination need to achieve your goals and natural abundance in Polynesian culture.


He also represents sociality, since they stay in groups of many different individuals.


Mangopare design is the traditional maori symbol that is also a symbol of an everlasting bond of friendship that time cannot change. 



  • Renewal and Strength

  • Peace


Koru is a spiral shape based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.


The circular shape of the koru helps to convey the idea of perpetual movement while the inner coil suggests a return to the point of origin.


It is an integral symbol in Māori art, the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. 







Adinkra are visual symbols, originally created by the Akan, that represent concepts or aphorisms. Adinkra are used extensively in fabrics, pottery, logos and advertising. 






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